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Thank you for choosing the "UNLEASH THE FEARLESS CHILD WITHIN E-COURSE." We are committed to providing quality content and guidance. The following terms and conditions will clarify our mutual rights and responsibilities.

1. Course Overview:
The e-course is a meticulously structured 10-module program aimed at enlightening parents on the multifaceted challenges of bullying. By offering a blend of actionable strategies and insights, this course seeks to empower parents and their children, providing them tools to traverse bullying's difficult terrains.

2. Course Content:
All instructional and supplementary materials, encompassing text, images, videos, animations, and other multimedia assets, remain under the protective umbrella of copyright laws, both local ([Country/State's Laws]) and international. Unauthorized distribution, replication, or modification of any content is strictly prohibited. All proprietary rights are reserved by the author and course creators.

3. Usage and Licensing:
Upon purchasing, you receive a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license that permits you to access, view, and utilize the e-course materials strictly for your personal and non-commercial endeavors.

4. Course Limitations:
While the course synthesizes evidence-based methodologies and well-researched strategies, it's essential to recognize that individual experiences with bullying vary. As such, the course cannot promise uniform outcomes and should be seen as a guiding, rather than prescriptive, resource.

5. Liability Limitations:
The author, course creator, and associated parties negate any liability arising from contract breaches, torts, or other legal bases, for any indirect or direct losses, incidental damages, or other consequential hardships linked to accessing or using the e-course.

6. Indemnification:
Upon purchasing, you covenant to safeguard and hold blameless the author, course creators, and affiliated entities from any claims, liabilities, or expenses (including legal fees) that may arise from your misuse of the e-course or breach of these terms.

7. **Warranty and Money Back Guarantee:**
While we endeavor to provide premium quality content, the e-course is offered "as is" without any explicit or implicit warranties. Highlighting our dedication to quality and your satisfaction, we also extend a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you find the content lacking in any way within “7” days of your purchase, you are eligible for a full refund.

8. Jurisdiction and Governing Law:
All terms and any disputes arising are governed by [Country/State's Laws]. Any legal actions or proceedings concerning our relationship with you, or these terms will be brought in [Country/State's] courts.

9. Amendments and Updates:
Our commitment to providing the most current and effective strategies may necessitate periodic updates to these terms. We recommend users revisit these terms occasionally to stay updated.

10. Consent and Agreement:
Opting to purchase and use the "UNLEASH THE FEARLESS CHILD WITHIN E-COURSE" automatically indicates your unequivocal consent to these terms.

For any queries or concerns related to these terms and conditions, or the course content, please reach out to Dr. Jessica Respus, drrespus@gmail.com

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